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The volume of intermodal transport increased last year, though not sufficiently

Rail and water transport are the winners, road transport is the loser of the COVID-19 pandemic Domestic intermodal goods traffic showed a further modest increase of 1.7 % last year, however, if Hungary...

40-ton ticking time bombs are roaming on our roads!

There are no funds for the technical maintenance/repair costs: 40-ton ticking time bombs are bowling along the roads Serious damage in the logistic sector can be caused by road transport carried out below…

Railway and intermodal transport may be the big winners of the pandemics

Foto: Tóth Gergely According to MLSZKSZ the change in the trend can result in a significant reduction in road congestion and environmental impact As a consequence of the world pandemics there may be…

Solution for maintaining the continuity of freight traffic between Italy and Hungary

Coronavirus is making its presence felt throughout the European economy. The introduced roadside checks and the strict restrictions of road transports make the transport times of trucks unpredictable, hence affecting the timely arrival…

Founded 2002.

The Association of Hungarian Logistic Service Centres is a paramount, opinion forming representative of professional interests.

Bíró Koppány Ajtony
general secretary

billion HUF revenues (2017)
thousand TEU
billion HUF savings

The offer of our Association



In order to improve the professional capacity of the authorities, legislative bodies and organisations MLSZKSZ – including the actors of the profession and exercising direct civil control –  aims to join all companies performing logistic activities which embrace the potential for the continuous extension and development of their business, furthermore MLSZKSZ wishes to share its experiences   by utilizing procedures which often need the same solution in the practice.


Further to advocacy activities we operate joint acquisition systems which provide economic benefits for our members: electricity, gas, paper, stationery, car tires, and lubricants. Participation in the procurement process is free of charge, we manage the whole process.


To appreciate the activities of the professionals who perform outstanding work in the field and interest of logistics, who are the vanguards in raising the ethical level of the profession and in creating values the „Logistic Order of Merit” has been awarded since 2010.

To honour the work or the people who are not in the limelight day by day, who are not top managers or executives, nor media players, who just perform their daily duties with honour and honesty, who are always there for better or worse and in this way they significantly contribute to the success of their company, the „Logistic 9M” award has been given since 2017.


The document was drawn up and specified by MLSZKSZ on the basis of the record approved by the Logistic Conciliation Forum (LEF) on its session of March 21st 2006 under the title „The system of criteria for awarding titles for Hungarian logistic service centres”. To win the title for a certain logistic centre the procedure has to be initiated at MLSZKSZ, the association evaluates the application, upon which it is LEF’s authority to award the title. The qualification certificate shall be made out by LEF in agreement with the Ministry of National Development (NFM).

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(36) 1 266 3126

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