The Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centres (MLSZKSZ) is one of the most significant and acknowledged logistic and transport organisations in Hungary, which represents nearly 90 % of the Hungarian logistic centres. MLSZKSZ is the only association in Hungary which covers the whole area of services; the other organisations represent only some parts of logistics. The Association was established in 2002 with the aim to encourage the efficient cooperation of the logistic service centres, to promote the business operations of the companies working in their area, to boost their competitiveness and to create new business possibilities. It has 74 members, the total revenues of the members amounted to HUF 410 billion in 2017.


Every year MLSZKSZ organizes the most prestigious conference of transport logistics: the International Transport Logistics Conference, with a planned agenda covering the most actual and topical issues concerning the profession, novelties, innovative and future solutions in Hungary and in the international scene. The quick changes of the digital world will dictate a new rhythm that can only be maintained if we keep looking ahead, keep developing and looking for new and effective solutions. This progress often involves risks as it is not always safe to draw a new hand if you have already nineteen. However, those who succeed can achieve serious market advantage. Our event tries to offer help in this field: how to minimise risks if we want to draw a new hand above nineteen.


30-31 january 2020.


HERCEGHALOM Abacus Hotel***


80 Firm


160 person



  • because this is the first logistic event of the year
  • because you will hear about topical issues concerning the profession
  • because you will get real-time information
  • because we offer you a vast amount of novelties
  • because  we introduce you innovative and future solutions
  • because you can get answers from the best professionals
  • because we respect „time”,
  • because we pay attention to you
  • because it is good to build „social capital” or to deepen the existing ones
  • because „we draw a new hand over 19!”
  • and because everybody who is anybody will be there…just like you!


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